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About Frenchburg, Kentucky

Beauty is everywhere you turn, in the people, the farms, hills, cliffs, lake, trails, and sightseeing is evident. Menifee County and its surroundings has much to offer in outdoor recreation and businesses. Menifee County is located in the midst Daniel Boone National Forest between the 8,270 acre Cave Run Lake and the Red River Gorge.

Menifee became the Commonwealth's 113th county in 1869 when  it was formed from the adjoining counties of Bath, Montgomery, Morgan, Powell, and Wolfe counties.  Menifee was named after Richard H. Menefee, a well-regarded statesman and successful lawyer.  Mr. Menefee was serving in the state legislature when he ran for Congress in 1837 and defeated Judge Richard French in a vigorous campaign.  Mr. French was equally well known and admired; and his name was chosen for the county seat, Frenchburg.

Mr. Menefee's untimely death in 1841 at the age of 31 ended a successful career.  He was the youngest person in Kentucky and perhaps in the nation to have a county named for him.  The misspelling of the county name occurred in the legislature when the county was chartered.

Frenchburg, Kentucky Information Courtesy of Naturevine Country.

Cave Run Lake - Lacy and Holly Donaldson
Cave Run Lake
Photo courtesy of Lacy and Holly Donaldson.


Cave Run Lake
Photos courtesy of Glen Wilson and Brownwood.


Cave Run Lake
Photos courtesy of Glen Wilson and Brownwood.
Cave Run Lake
Photos courtesy of Glen Wilson and Brownwood.

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